DYNAZTY at Midalidare Rock 2023
They will play on the first day of the festival before Scorpions
Dynazty have garnered international praise and scored notable domestic chart positions with their more traditionally hard rocking "Knock You Down" album (2011) and its successor "Sultans of Sin" (2012). Criminally overlooked "Renatus" (2013), saw the band shedding their old school melodic hard rock skin for a sound more modern, more defined and more addictive. Fittingly for its Latin name ("Rebirth") "Renatus" saw the band's sound grow tighter with an arsenal of rapid rhythm patters by Olsson & Egg, Lavér's and Magnusson's machine-gun riffs, Molin's ever-present soaring vocals plus huge choruses that stuck in your head like horseflies and featuring melodic hook-lines lesser bands would die for to have written. Sugar-pasted with massive arrangements, "Renatus" was an album the like of which most bands never manage to write. Yet somehow it managed to fly under the radar.

Dynazty is:
Nils Molin: Vocals
Love Magnusson: Guitars
Mikael Lavér: Guitars
Jonathan Olsson: Bass
Georg Härnsten Egg: Drums
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