The band awarded with Best Live Act at 2018's Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards have just been added to the line up!
The Italian "gothic" metal band Lacuna Coil will be performing at Midalidare Rock in the wine valley on July 16th, with Within Temptation headlining the show. The summer festival will take place from July 14th to 17th. Lacuna Coil have won several awards such as Best Live Act at 2018's Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards, Best International Band at 2016's Metal Hammer Awards (Germany) and Best Album at 2012's Female Metal Voice Fest.

Lacuna Coil sold over 2 million copies across their 9 studio albums. Their latest work Black Anima was released in 2019, following their first book Nothing Stands In Our Way, published in 2018. "We've been very busy," says Lacuna Coil vocalist Cristina Scabbia. "We've played a lot of live shows between Delirium and Black Anima. We published our book, a chronicle of the Lacuna Coil story. And we crossed paths with our 20th Anniversary, which resulted in a quick switch from the Delirium album cycle to the 20th Anniversary one. We had a big change in our look. Our show changed a lot. We had special effects and artists performing on stage with us"

"Every record we've done was a picture of the time in which we wrote it. This record, Black Anima, was really written around our live performances. The songs we enjoy playing live the most are the heavier ones. So, when we started writing, the songs naturally were heavier. We have more growls (for Andrea) and epic parts (for me), too. Over the years, we've mixed European and American styles, but I would say it's hard to describe what we sound like now. It's still Lacuna Coil—our trademark—but it's also a new trip, one we want our fans to enjoy."

The second edition of Midalidare Rock in the wine valley will be on the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th of July 2022.
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Kids up to 12 years old enter the festival for free.

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